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      We are proud to partner with causes that care for people at the core. On each product page, above the add to cart button, you choose where to direct the donation, and we give directly to the organization.  It's that simple. You enjoy great coffee and join with us to transform lives in the process!


      Residence of Life Costa Rica

      Residence of Life is a private, certified  children's home in Costa Rica. They serve orphaned and abandoned children as  they focus on encouraging each child with  love and bringing them up in a family  environment.  This organization not only cares for the kids in the now, but they are also developing a program for the children to enter into after they turn 18, so they may continue with education or learn a trade that will help sustain their future. Visit www.residenceoflife.org to learn more about their vision and mission.


      The Well: Coffee to Clean Water

      Clean water is a necessity of life.  Sadly, 1 in 3 people globally don't have access to safe drinking water.  We have partnered with The Well Coffeehouse, to raise funds to improve lives one well at a time.  The Well serves up amazing coffee, and hope as they steward profits toward establishing sustainable clean water projects in coffee producing nations.  Visit their cafes in Nashville and read their mission here: www.wellcoffeehouse.com