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      Our Journey

      Our java journey (and life journey together ) began with a providential meeting at our favorite beachside coffee shop in Costa Rica.  Little did we know we would end up married, with a toddler, and starting a business in faith during a global pandemic and all sorts of uncertainties.  

      As we look back at the past 4 years, we can see that coffee was always at the heart of our story.  There’s coffee before surf sessions and the cup at the center of fellowship with our friends.  For as long as we’ve been together our go to gift for those we love and appreciate has always been… coffee!  Today we are blessed to steward a business that will keep on giving opportunity and hope through coffee.

      What is Soljurn? 

      Soljurn is a vehicle of creation.  We craft community, art, stories, opportunity, and amazing, artisanal coffee.  The Sol (sun) in Soljurn is the light that guides our paths towards truth, and truth provides growth and restoration in the world.  Jurn stands for the journey of life.  We are just travelers passing through, staying for a little while and leaving a legacy of love.  That’s Soljurn!

      We can’t take credit for the name or story; it's God who gets the glory.  The opportunity coffee provides us to touch the lives of people around the globe is humbling and exciting.  We'd be honored for you to hop on board.  Let’s transform the world one bag of coffee at a time.